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Are these actually 3D objects?

Nope. The object you purchase comes as a high-quality chromogenic prints. They combine 3-dimensional data with paper maps to create an image that looks like it pops off the page, but alas, it is 2D. While we have explored producing these in the third dimension, we are not doing so at this time.

Will you do a map of ________?

Potentially! Feel free to send suggestions to While I can’t make any promises on timing or if I will be able to do a map of your favorite location, I will certainly look into it.

When will you do more international maps?

Sourcing non-US-based maps takes a bit more time. I am working on this and will soon have more non-US-based maps on the site.

How do I make a purchase and is it secure?

The maps are available for purchase through our secure website using a number of payment methods.

This map looks pink, is it?

Yes! Color of images on website may appear different than in final print.

Does this map include ______? Can I see a detail?

We're happy to send you a more detailed screen of a map and answer any location related questions. Not all text on the maps is legible at some print sizes. If you have any concerns, please email us.

What is a chromogenic print?

Learn about chromogenic prints here. Please note the maps are not 3-D but are 2-D chromogenic prints.

What do the custom frames look like? Are there other options?

Our custom frames are simple white gallery frames that compliment the maps. They are made of wood and include: UV-shielding acrylic, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission. They include an archival acid-free foam core backing, protective paperback finish, hanging hardware and nails, and hanging and care instructions.

While the white gallery frame is standard on our site when purchasing, we can offer black. Please email us for more information at

Do you offer any discounts?

We always offer free domestic shipping! Any additional promotions and discounts will be announced in our newsletter. Please note coupon codes cannot be combined and we are not able to retroactively apply discounts.

Can you expedite a shipment?

Yep! Email us before making your purchase at

What are your holiday deadlines?

To arrive before December 25th*, unframed prints orders should be placed before December 6th and framed prints should be ordered before November 29th. *We cannot guarantee First Class postage will arrive on time. If you'd like to expedite a holiday order, please email us before making your purchase at